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In this information age on the information super way the SMS is the ultimate information dissemination tool in the arsenal of a marketer /seller/buyer/consumer of any sort. It simply puts the message (information) right inside your pocket without physical contact. Without infringing on one's physical space and not intruding on privacy either, it communicates (without active disturbance) what is to be communicated, softly and succinctly, at a cost that is truly abysmal. Can there be a better way to pass information? Obviously no. That is why it has become the indispensable and ubiquitous medium of messaging today and it is to stay for all times to come.


This is the Ultra High Priority route. It means instant delivery of all your messages. It is used in applications where the message has to be delivered immediately without loss of any time. It is used in financial transactions with banks and financial institutions, trading of shares, commodities etc., in web-sites for on-line registrations, transactions etc. Here the messages are guaranteed for immediate delivery.


This is the High Priority route. Herein the messages are guaranteed to be delivered not immediately but on the same day.Herein the messages will be delivered the same day but on low priority. Some of the applications here include for schools and colleges for various information dissemination, hospitals for various patient follow-up procedures, financiers/financial institutions for payment reminders etc.

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